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Trusted across the globe for demanding enterprise projects, our solution gives you everything you need for smooth and predictable delivery. IFS Projects lets you:

  • Capitalize on best-in-class industry tools. Our solution executes for engineer-to-order, manufacture, engineering companies (EPC), construction businesses, consultancy and R&D departments, project-based asset service providers and more. 
  • Gain a clear view of your projects. Being part of the wider IFS product means accurate timely information updates your project from across the enterprise, in real-time.
  • Manage all stages of a project lifecycle and control budgets and schedules across your ecosystem. Benefit from embedded contract management, engineer, manufacture, build, install and commission, maintain and service management, billing and more.

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Core Capabilities

One Definitive View Of Your Entire Project Lifecycle

There are many phases to a project and asset’s lifecycle: from tendering and commercial to estimating and commissioning. IFS Projects give you firm control over every stage, letting you draw on data from across your IFS solution to feed into your project plan.

  • Leverage a single source of truth. Manage contracts, engineering, manufacturing, assets and facilities, finance and human resources with confidence.
  • Capitalize on best-of-breed project planning and scheduling features. IFS Projects provides powerful built-in capabilities along with the freedom to integrate with external planning tools. 
  • Deliver project plans you can rely on. Pull real-time data from across the enterprise into your project plan and control scope, schedule and cost with precision. 
  • Control schedules across the wider IFS solution. For example, you can schedule shop orders and supply requisitions in our manufacturing and supply chain solutions—all from within IFS Projects.
  • Get a handle on project costs. As supplier prices update in our procurement solution, you’ll see projects costs immediately update in IFS Projects.
Complete Bid To Contract Management

IFS Projects delivers flexible contract management and billing methods, including fixed price, milestones, progress-based, reimbursable and applications for payments.

  • Manage the sales contract lifecycle—from bid to contract and change management to completion.
  • Manage complex contracts with suppliers and subcontractors, submit invitations to tender, record responses, monitor negotiation processes, and track conversions from tender to contract.
  • Record work progression and revise and update contract baselines as the project evolves, while managing payment activities.
Robust BIM, CAD And Product Lifecycle Management

Every day our solution delivers for a wide range of projects and industries, with specialism in, Building Information Modeling (BIM), CAD and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). IFS Projects lets you:

  • Execute on BIM and product lifecycle management. By sharing the facility/asset model from design intent to maintenance (as built), it’s much easier for you to integrate with the BIM model adopted by Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure companies.
  • Capitalize on the full range of IFS capabilities. With a complete set of financial and operational management tools, BIM data from design tools like Revit flows into your physical asset management processes seamlessly.
  • Complete asset records during the materials procurement, construction, commissioning operation and maintenance phases. Our solution lets you capture information generated by subcontractors, material testing services and equipment vendors, along with lot and batch information and serial traceability where required. This streamlines the performance of asset maintenance in the future.
  • Perform early planning: IFS Projects lets you extend the engineering process to product structures, with the time dimension beyond the Product Data Management structure. You’re also able to view the structure from different perspectives to ease the execution, for example by location, system or function.

Capturing project cost in Project ERP

Most Enterprise Resource Planning software is not designed to effectively capture cost in a project-based environment like engineer to order, engineer procure construct or services. This white paper covers organizational and technology barriers to capturing project cost along with criteria to select the ideal ERP for effective project costing.

Babcock delivers over 4,630 projects with IFS

Babcock is a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services to UK and international defense, aerial emergency service and civil nuclear customers. The company employs over 35,000 staff and returned an operating profit of £558m in 2019.


  • Single source of project status for staff and customers
  • Priorities clearly visible in IFS Lobbies
  • Easy to use for both daily and occasional users
  • Feature-rich and flexible across diverse needs
  • Improved efficiency with mobile work orders