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IFS Cloud is a single product that delivers class-leading solutions across Service Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Asset Management.

Built to meet the specific needs of your business and the markets you serve, IFS Cloud combines deep industry and functional strength with intelligent and autonomous capabilities that can be put to work from day one.

IFS Cloud delivers real choice in how you deploy and make it yours, whether that’s in our cloud or your own datacenter. It’s simple to use and tailor, making it easy for you to extend and connect to your business and application landscape.

This is the solution that pulls your core business activities together into something greater: moments of service that delight your customers.

This is IFS Cloud.

A platform for innovation and delightful experiences

We’ve knocked down the traditional barriers between enterprise software categories and replaced them with one seamless experience.

Our single platform is built on 100% open APIs, letting you complement built-in automation, AI and machine learning capabilities with your own innovations—right from day one.

The functionality you want, when you need it

IFS Cloud delivers the full spectrum of IFS capabilities from a single product, with solutions tailored to specific industries and business or functional areas.

You start with what’s most relevant to your business and can later add functionality as your business needs change and grow.

Works The Way You Want To Work

Our user experience helps you do business more efficiently. It feels and works like the best consumer software but is designed to perform in complex scenarios and large, data rich enterprise environments.

Intuitive to use, it’s easily configured to promote the information that’s most relevant to each user.

There are many things that make the IFS Cloud user experience a delight. Here are just a few:

  • People-first, responsive design: automatically adapts to your environment, whether that’s a desktop with dual monitors, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can use IFS Cloud in browsers on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices.
  • Lobbies: configurable dashboards to provide an at-a-glance view of the information that matters most to each role and can be tailored to individual needs. Keep key metrics and actions in view for easy overview and drill down to details.
  • Branded experience: Convey your brand colors, logotype and imagery to employees as well as your end customers as they come into contact with field service, B2B self-service, and other parts of IFS Cloud.
  • Offline-capable mobile apps: native mobile apps are available for field service, maintenance, warehouse data collection, CRM, time and expense reporting, approvals, and more for those situations where you might need to work offline, or integrate tightly with device hardware.
  • Chat bot: perform everyday tasks using conversational voice or text. Quickly perform tasks like booking leave or reporting time through our main user interface or channels like Microsoft Teams and Facebook Messenger.

In The Cloud, Or Where You Need It

While we see many of our customers sourcing our solutions as services from our cloud, we also know that in regulated industries there are needs for other clouds, whether private, government-approved, or even on-premise. We provide you with complete choice of whether to run it in our cloud, and let you deploy it in a way that suits you best.

Choose from:

  • Cloud—deployed and managed by IFS
  • Remote in one of your own datacenters
  • Self-managed if you need to run in your own completely specialized environment 

Whatever your choice, you get exactly the same functionality and intelligent capabilities.

IFS Cloud is also designed for portability, so you can go from on-premise to the cloud, and from the cloud back again. This means you aren’t tied into a choice and can move to a different deployment model as you choose.

Your Open And Connected Digital Backbone

IFS Cloud is built to live at the heart of your digital transformation. But just as we embed transformational technologies into our solutions, we know that you also want to drive additional innovation of top of this. Whether it’s about using a low-code platform to extend the solution with specific task apps, or pulling data to use in a machine learning model, in an increasingly borderless, automated world, your core software needs to be built to connect and extend, right out of the box.

For this reason, we’ve built IFS Cloud completely around standards-based Open APIs, so everything you can do in IFS Cloud you can also do through our open APIs. That makes it simple for you to connect and extend your core applications to your wider application landscape as well as a huge variety of platforms, tools, data sources and more inside and outside your business

Always Up To Date And Secure

In a world where technology changes and shifts are happening fast, outdated software can mean outdated work practices and a struggle to take advantage of innovation. And in an increasingly complex global environment, this can also mean unpatched systems and security risks.

With IFS Cloud, twice-yearly optional releases with new features and functionality give you fast access to our latest capabilities and improvements, keeps the impact on your business low, and helps you keep pace with the changing IT landscape. Monthly service updates then ensure your software remains robust and secure every step of the way.

IFS Lifecycle Experience puts you in control of your solution from initial implementation and as long as you continue to use it, whether you manage it yourself or invite IFS or one of our partners to take care of things.

Unique Industry Depth

IFS Cloud brings to life our decades of expertise within our core industries with the introduction of industry-specific solutions.

Our deep industry experience allows us to provide best of breed capabilities for each of our target industries, giving you the most relevant functionality to address your specific business issues.

With IFS Cloud, we introduce industry-focused Lobbies, which foreground the functionality and insight most relevant to your business context.

Our journey begins, but does not end, with our core industries:

  • Service Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunication, Energy, Utilities & Resources
  • Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure
  • Aerospace & Defense

We know that whatever your industry, it’s the moment of service that matters and that your customers remember you for. IFS Cloud pulls your core business activities from supply chain and production to aftersales and support into something greater: profitable moments of service your customers will love. With this in mind, IFS Cloud is built for your specific industry challenges and to make your digital transformation easier.

Innovation Ready To Use

IFS Cloud is here to help our customers make the intelligent and autonomous business a practical reality.

One way we do this is to take new technology into real industry contexts so everyone can benefit rather than only those who can manage, source and integrate these technologies themselves.

This comes to life in IFS Cloud with capabilities including:

  • Remote assistance: using embedded augmented reality video calls to provide remote assistance across service and maintenance
  • Machine Learning: embedded machine learning service that can train, evaluate, and optimize machine learning models based on your specific data reduces the need for you to have dedicated data scientists on your team
  • Process automation: with an embedded process automation engine that lets you automate activities within the business to streamline your processes
  • Advanced optimization: building on our popular scheduling optimization capability, the new embedded solution includes enhancements like the ability to predict travel times

These innovations also work together, for example allowing automation of a set of activities to happen when a remote assistance call ends. Having these capabilities embedded in a single product removes complexity and lets us offer you unique capabilities that wouldn’t be possible with bolt on solutions.


Engage employees and foster collaboration, de-stack silos, and unblock third-party accessibility.

Intelligence to power decisions

From underlying intelligence that automates the prioritization and acceptance of sales leads, to automated functionality and augmented reality capabilities that maximize first time fix rates in the field, IFS Cloud is here to help you make optimal decisions for your business.

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