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To engage the customer in today’s digital world means creating a single, unified experience across every channel they choose to use to connect with you. From calls and email to chat and social messaging, delivering seamless service has never been more complex.

IFS Customer Engagement software solutions enable businesses to deliver a faster, smarter service whatever the contact channel. Combining an omni-channel contact center with CRM in a single, configurable, desktop, support staff are empowered to deliver rapid service however complex the request.

From virtual assistance and chatbots to portals and knowledge bases, IFS deliver a range of AI-powered self-service solutions, giving customers the freedom to track their orders, resolve their problems and schedule and amend their service appointments.

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Make Customer Experience your Competitive Edge

Reduce customer effort and actively engage with your customers at every stage of the service lifecycle with contact centre and self-service solutions from IFS.

Omni-channel contact and AI-enabled service

To win in the service market requires excellence in customer care. But what does it take to modernize the contact center and deliver smart self-service? Discover how to empower your customer service agents with an omni channel contact and AI enabled service desktop.

Core Capabilities

Deliver Omni-Channel Customer Service

Our single solution, omni-channel contact center allows you to engage seamlessly with customers and upgrade your voice infrastructure to deliver smarter service on digital channels. However customers choose to contact you – be it calls, email, chat or messaging – our omni-channel platform provides a single, universal solution for queueing, skills-based routing and providing customer care.

Customer contacts are presented on a smart agent desktop, guiding agents through complex processes and ensuring a fully joined up cross-channel experience. As standard, the core platform provides Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording, workflow and extensive workforce optimisation. Our powerful drag-drop configuration tool empowers staff to evolve all aspects of the contact center.

Delivered on-premise or in the cloud, IFS Customer Engagement™ (CE) combines all the ingredients of a traditional call center Automatic Call Distributer (ACD) while also providing the widest range of non-voice channels in the market as part of a single solution.

Elevating Phone-Based Service And Enabling Outbound Campaigns

While new channels are constantly being added to the customer service environment, telephone remains the primary contact channel. Businesses must remain focused on contact center telephony and enabling agents to rapidly resolve increasingly complex calls.

IFS CE delivers all the ingredients of a traditional call center ACD, while providing a full outbound campaign solution. Outbound campaigns and call-backs can be interspersed with inbound calls to maximize contact center productivity.

IFS CE provides a complete solution for executing simple and complex campaigns. The platform offers preview, progressive and predictive dialing options so campaigns can be matched to audience and legal requirements.

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Chatbots And Virtual Agents

Chatbots and virtual assistants provide immediate answers to customer queries and automate a range of customer service requests, whether the customer contact is on the phone, online or on a mobile device. Gone are the days of having to repeat yourself multiple times or rephrasing your question to suit the bot. Automation uses natural language processing to deliver an informed, relevant, multi-stage conversation. Bots can troubleshoot technical support issues and walk customers through multi-stage resolution. They can also process a plethora of service tasks, such as account changes, returns, refunds, orders and appointment times. If conversation becomes complex, the customer is seamlessly transferred to the best-skilled advisor to resolve the request.

Give Field Service A Competitive Edge With Real-Time Comms For Customers

Waiting for a service visit can be one of the most aggravating experiences for your customers. Service centers become overloaded with inbound ETA calls and when a technician runs behind schedule, they can only look forward to unhappy customers, no-shows or missed appointments.

Instead delight your customers with real-time information on their service appointment with a simple link sent via email or text. No apps to download!  Make brand awareness, upsell and cross-sell in the field easy, dramatically improve Net Promoter Scores and lower inbound contact center calls with IFS Appointment Assistant.

Transform Service Desk Productivity With The Latest In Digital Automation

Whether B2B or B2C, customers today demand real-time visibility of their services. With IFS’s digital self-service you can deliver a range of online self-service options from online portals, FAQs or “Contact Us” to smart phone apps and virtual agents. Self-service options use our natural language processing module to enable multi-stage conversations and ensure delivery of faster, more accurate responses and processing.

IFS is helping businesses transform service delivery, enabling customers to request their own field service visits, check progress or request parts with their own mobile device. Integration to scheduling and work order processing ensures a seamless automated experience, subject   to prescribed business rules.

Empower Your Agents To Deliver Faster, Smarter Service

Customer experience is a key differentiating factor for leading brands, yet too often staff on the frontline are met with myriad applications and databases to navigate in order to answer a single customer request. Getting the best from your contact center means giving your agents a simple, intuitive desktop application that brings together all the relevant, contextualized information they need in one place. The IFS Customer Engagement™ (CE) platform provides a unique solution, consolidating relevant customer data from across the organization alongside contact center channels and adding case management and other CRM functionality as required.

In contrast to a traditional CRM approach, the objective is not to replace existing enterprise systems. IFS CE sit as a layer above multiple back office systems to present customer service agents with data in a simple and intelligent “fit for purpose” application that guides them through complex requests and presents data at the appropriate point to support decisions.

The result is a customer service desktop that slashes the time an agent spends searching for data and processing requests, while empowering front office staff to do more and deliver truly transformed customer experience.